My Life As An Upstate New Yorker

You Know You’re From Upstate NY When…

  1. Your idea of a traffic jam is 10 cars waiting to pass a tractor.
  2. You know several people who have hit a deer more than once.
  3. You often switch from heat to A/C in the same week.
  4. You drive 55 mph through 10 feet of snow during raging blizzard with out flinching.
  5. You see people wearing hunting clothes at social events.
  6. You install security lights on your house and garage, but leave both unlocked.
  7. Bonfires are common events.
  8. You carry jumper cables in your car and your girlfriend knows how to use them.
  9. There are 7 empty cars running in the parking lot at the supermarket.
  10. Your idea of a huge party is one with lots of cheap beer and people you go/went to high school with.
  11. You know four seasons: almost winter, winter, cold, construction.
  12. At least 6 people you see a day have beards and stains on their shirt.
  13. Cows and corn are just apart of the scenery.
  14. You can name everyone from your graduating class.
  15. You or someone you know has a car that sounds like a big truck that can barely make it 20 miles doing 55mph.
  16. At least 5 times a day you will pass/be passed by a beat up old car that has been attempted at being tricked out with a brand new oversized spoiler, a performance exhaust, or has been lowered.
  17. Your basement contains deer, bobcat, and/or coyote taxidermy or car collectibles.
  18. The phrase “Going up to” applies to going north, south, east, or west.
  19. The smell of freshly spread cow manure doesn’t bother you.
  20. It’s perfectly normal for your life’s aspirations to be working for the county.
  21. Halloween costumes are designed around a snow suit and winter boots.
  22. You know what 4-H is or participated in it.
  23. You went to a party that was held about 10 miles down a deserted dirt road.
  24. You schedule parties around the schedules of the cops who wouldn’t bust you.
  25. You ever went or thought about going cow tipping.
  26. NYC people that come to live upstate piss you off.
  27. Guns are a household item.
  28. You still go home for homecoming.
  29. At least one person in your neighborhood owns a horse.
  30. Going out of state for college is a pretty big deal.
  31. The whole school goes to the same graduation parties.
  32. You can’t help but to date a friends ex.
  33. You think kids who ride skateboards are a little weird.
  34. The town next to you is considered trashy or snotty when it’s just like yours.
  35. You bragged to your friends because you got stacks or mud tires on your truck.
  36. Hanging out in parking lots at night time is a likely occurrence.
  37. You decide to walk for exercise and 5 people pull over and ask if you need a ride.
  38. The closest mall is about 45 minutes away.
  39. Your teachers call you by your older siblings name.
  40. You have to name six surrounding towns to explain where you’re from.
  41. The town population increases by 1/3 when the universities go on break.
  42. You know what “Billy Fucillo HUGE” means.
  43. You go swimming in lakes, rivers, and creeks.
  44. You have to drive down back roads to get to work or school.
  45. You’re related to a police officer that works in your town.
  46. You see at least 6 people you know/are related to when you’re at the store.
  47. Going snowmobiling is the only thing that you like about winter.
  48. Going to Wal*Mart is considered a “good time”
  49. The conversation of “So you’re from New York?!” “No not the city…” happens when meeting someone out of state.